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This community is open to all Hogwarts students who got sorted into Slytherin at sortingitout.

Head of House:
Mello - lirimaerea

Kaitlin - ascarerea

Rylee - preludemaggot
Kohaku - the_slate
Bindiya - theguiltyone
Sasha - mypet_virus
Vorona - vorona_394
Rachel - 2hot4lilly_kane
Kimberly - elle_s_shadow
Kira - bloodx33son
Anna - ahon
Alice - alice_duckets
Rachel - chompchomp_rawr
Danielle - dannixcore
Mira - dangerousdame
Morgan - bloodfusion
Bekah - sabre_sprite
Lee - l_e_e_x3
Krystyn - truly_essential
Brooke - x_whirl
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Valeria - cherii_pai
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Shell - alifeeclipsed
Lola - gothicaleiav
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